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Psalm 153

The words have not come for a while now, I guess it so happens that sometimes one’s life is a silent movie, all black and white and shades of grey. Jesus brings colour and asks you to receive. He hears the words you don’t know how to speak.
Candi Pearson said it too, just like the psalmists of yore. I have taken liberties in reproducing her prayer here.
Words only say so much.

Lord these are just words
And are not enough
To contain You

Jesus just words
And can never suffice
To acclaim You

Father just words
And I have so few
I run out too fast
To speak them to You

Father just words
And I have so few
I run out too fast
To speak them to You

And You are indescribable
You are beyond expression
And I run out of words for You
I can’t think that high
So hear my spirit groan in me
A painful sense of urgency
To tell You that You are to me
So high

Psalm 152

Thank You.
For the rain, for again.
I wonder about here and now and how
And sometimes why.
Thank You for not answering just yet
Teaching me that patience can often
Be the reply to many a prayer whispered
In hope that You do hear.
Thank you for the many shades of men.
This one colour is made all the more vivid
By their brilliant reflection of Your
Goodness and grace.
Thank you for desire and want
For in them we learn to come to Your table
And eat of Your bounty and drink
from Your cup that never runs dry.
Thank You for turning a blind eye
While shielding me with Your strong arm,
And for binding tears and burns inflicted
By me and mine.
Thank You for endings and half-ways
Because though some see a thing gone
You put in my heart a traveler’s song
That says “the road is a journey’s home”
Thank You.

P.S: without You, I am empty space in a hidden place.